About Us

about us

A Better Way for Vision

The Eye Room is home to people seeking a different and exciting experience in their eye care in Kenya. 

You’ll find a friendly atmosphere, unique and bespoke eyewear collection from around the world, and personalized transparent service.

We strive to understand what is important to you and all of our services, from the comprehensive eye exam to our frame selection, will help you see well and be seen.  

Our Story

The dynamic force behind The Eye Room is a mother-daughter duo passionate about providing exceptional eye care, distinctive, exciting eyewear, and friendly, warm customer service. Our patients are our friends, our neighbors, and our family, and their needs are our highest priority.

Founded as a sister company of Eye Care Consultants, The Eye Room shares in the mission to make state-of-the-art eye care more accessible in Kenya and to provide a unique and memorable experience for those who are tired of finding the same look everywhere they go.

Our Primary Vision

Our vision is to provide extraordinary eyecare, distinctive eyewear, and exceptional customer service, making every customer’s experience unique, memorable, and gratifying.

Our Primary Mission

To make state-of-the-art eye health care affordable and accessible to all Kenyans and to share our love of beautiful eyewear with our customers!

Our Primary Values

Integrity and honesty
Exceptional customer service
Respect and flexibility
Personal responsibility
Fashion-forward and trend-setting
Passion for eyewear and quality vision care
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Why Choose the Eye Room

1. A Unique & Exciting Eyewear Collection

Your eyewear should never be boring! We work to highlight your individuality through our fashion-forward, unique, and exciting range of eyewear from independent companies around the world including Paris, London, Luxembourg, and New York.
Our staff is dedicated to helping you find the right frame for fit, comfort, & style – classic, modern, or professional – the choice is yours.

2. Our Patients Come First

Our patients are at the forefront of everything we do. We truly believe that the best way to provide exceptional care is by understanding your needs, providing honest and efficient service, and making your visit as fun and enjoyable as possible.

3. We Are Experienced & Passionate

Our optometrists are highly trained in ocular disease, specialty contact lenses, and so much more! We strive to provide the most comprehensive eye care using state-of-the-art techniques and instruments, so you can count on us to ensure your vision will be protected and cared for in the right way.

4. Quality of Care and Attention.

Our patients are our family, and our office runs on ensuring your eyes are healthy & you are happy. We are passionate about establishing long-term relationships with our patients and will always give you the care and attention you deserve.

We Take Insurance

While we accept most insurance, you can see if your carrier is on our list here.